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About Us

Welcome to, the global recruitment website for the property, building, infrastructure and oil and gas industries.

We promote a range of opportunities worldwide - from architect roles in London UK to structural engineering vacancies in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The MULTILINGUAL design of the website ensures that employers and candidates are matched effectively.

Recruits can locate foreign Jobs, Recruiters can locate foreign recruits, Employers can locate foreign personnel and Recruiters can attract foreign clients.

The MULTILINGUAL facility allows:

  • Employers and Recruiters to post Job Vacancies in their own language for Recruits to view in a different language.
  • Recruits to post their Profile in their own language for Recruiters to view in a different language.
  • Recruitment Agencies to post their Profile in their own language for Employers and Recruits to view in a different language.

All Job Vacancies and Recruit Profiles can be entered in any language and read in all other languages on the Web Site.

As an example, search under Jobs by Discipline for Architecture then browse all Architecture Jobs. Then go to Fran├žais site and search under Jobs par Discipline  for Architecture then click on Jobs en Architecture where the results are the same but translated.

Basic services include Posting of Jobs, searching of CV database for Recruits and e-mail notification of Jobs to Recruits.

Enhanced services include Recruiter Directory, links to Employers and Recruiters Web Sites and advertising on multi-language pages.