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Brunel Qatar

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Address: P.O. Box. 24936
Tel: +974 432-0422

Our Vision

To ensure the right knowledge at the right place, at the right time.

Why Choose Brunel?

Our philosophy is to foster strong relationships to achieve successful project realisations. Brunel’s global capability covers any project regardless of scope or nature.

What Brunel Brings as a Partner

Global database of professionals and specialists in various disciplines including Geo Science, Drilling, Engineering, Construction and Fabrication, Quality Assurance, Inspection, Production and Maintenance and Training
Offices located worldwide offering a broad scope of services and networks
Consistent and transparent employment contracts for all personnel
Expert legal and tax counsel to provide advice on local and international conditions
Available staff to supply face to face personnel and administration support including payroll, insurance, visa and travel advice
Support by our publicly listed parent company ��" Brunel International N.V.
A wealth of experience and an excellent track record in Human Resource services, since 1975